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KVS Transfer Guidelines 2018 (Para 5 D) Eligibility Conditions PDF

KVS Transfer Guidelines 2018

KVS Transfer Guidelines 2018: The central government has decided to take transfer for those teachers who have completed 10 years in a school and only three transfers in their career, within the zone of their choice. There are 1,128 KVs in the country, with more than 55,000 teachers and over 12 lakh students.

The entire country will be divided into six zones based on geographical locations. This will ensure stability of tenure and will promote quality work as regular transfers affect classroom teaching,

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1TenureThe term shall be applicable only in respect of Hard/Very Hard/ NEF Stations: 02 years for Very Hard and 03 years for Hard & NEF stations to be reckoned on 30th June of the year.


Tenure of 03 years in the case of Hard and NER Stations shall not be applicable to those employees who have been posted earlier with 02 years tenure. The new tenure of 03 years shall be made operative for employees transferred/ posted w.e.f. 2016-17.

2Hard/ Very Hard StationAs notified by the KVS from time to time. The existing list of places would continue to operate when these guidelines come into operation.
3Physically Challenged EmployeeThose who are in receipt of Conveyance Allowance at double the rate prescribed for other employees or any employee with more than 40% disability on production of Medical Certificate from Govt. Hospital issued by competent Medical Authority/ Board.
4APARAnnual Performance Appraisal Report.
5OrganizationKendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan or any office or school under its administrative control.
6LocationA Kendriya Vidyalaya or any other office of KVS located in a place.
7StationA city/ town/ metropolis as notified by the KVS with a unique three digit code. More than one Kendriya Vidyalaya/ Office can be located at a station.
8MDGSeparately defined in Annexure – I.
9DFPIncidence of Death of Spouse/ own Son/ own Daughter, if occurred in the last two years as on 30th June of the year.
10LTRRetirement due within next three years as on 30th June.
11Transfer CountTotal score of points allotted to different factors relevant for a request transfer as per clause 10.
12Displacement CountTotal score of points allotted to different factors that determine the displacement of an employee from a station as per clause 6.


Transfer Process:

The guidelines shall be applicable to all categories of Teachers, Librarian, Head Master, Assistant and all Group C employees which is mentioned in clauses 5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11 of the guidelines

  • As far as possible KVS will invite Annual Transfer will be done by online process. Annual Transfers will also be operated on the basis of computer database.
  • List of transfer will be displayed on the website of the KVS (HQ).

Types Of Transfer

  • Administrative Transfer
  • Request Transfer

Administrative Transfer Of Employees

  • Redeploy surplus staff in excess of sanctioned strength at a location to other location against sanctioned vacancies.
  • Post employees in Hard/ Very Hard/ NER stations.
  • Displacement of an employee from a location to accommodate the request of an employee who is LTR/DFP/MDG/PH employee/Widow/Single Parent.
    • Transfer of Non-teaching staff up to Assistant in KVS and other offices of KVS after completion of a tenure of 05 year in a KV and / or 10 years continuously on a station in the same post. Not more than 1/3rd of such employees shall be transferred in a year and further that the longest serving employee against this norm shall be transferred first.

Request Transfer Of Employee

  • Request transfer for a post will be considered at a station only except for request of intra-station transfer and shall be accommodated in decreasing order of “Transfer Count” computed on the basis of clause 10 of competing employees.
  • In case of a tie in the transfer count of two or more employees competing for a location/station the female employee, shall be preferred first.
  • In case of tie in two or more employees of the same gender an employee with an earlier date of joining in present post in present station shall be accommodated and in case, if the date of joining in present post in present station also coincides then the older employee shall be first accommodated.
  • Transfer counts of all request transfer applications shall be displayed on KVS website and the transfer count so displayed shall remain valid till 31st of July of the relevant year and request transfer may be considered for vacancies arising due to retirement or any other reason during the period of validity for which no fresh application shall be invited or considered.

Mutual Transfer

  • Teachers who has completed least 01 year with the same post at the same area on the 30th June of the year in which transfer is being sought.
  • Benefit of the Mutual Transfer shall only be allowed twice in the entire Service Period with the condition that the same pair of employees cannot seek the second time Mutual Transfer with each other.

Calendar Of Activities Of Annual Transfer

  • Issuance of transfer orders by 31st July by KVS.
  • Modifications / Cancellations on administrative ground/ to remove anomalies in transfer orders already issued by 31st August by KVS.
  • Transfers with approval of Chairman, KVS by 30th September
  • Annual Transfer process will close from 1st
  • After 1st October transfer on Administrative Grounds by the Commissioner.
  • Transfer requests in exceptional circumstances against vacancies will be done with the approval of the Commissioner KVS after 01st October in cases of :-
    • DFP
    • MDG of employee self
    • Mid-Session transfer of a KVS employee against a vacancy on account of transfer of his/her spouse.

No transfers would be ordered during annual examinations.

Type of Diseases Prescribed as Valid for Transfer on Medical Grounds

  • Cancer
  • Paralytic Stroke
  • Renal Failure
  • Coronary Artery Disease As Explained Below
  • Thalassaemia
  • Parkinsons Disease
  • Motor-Neuron Disease
  • Any Other Disease With More Than 50% Mental Disability

The brief description of illness which will be considered as medical grounds for the purpose of transfer, in terms of transfer guidelines is as under. Medical terms referred herein will bear meaning as given in the Butterworth’s Medical Dictionary.


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